Fantastic Four (2015)

Before I watched Fantastic Four, which was today, I heard and read a lot about it. Overwhelming majority of those reviews were, should I say, not very good. So I decided to watch it myself and see, why is it that bad. For the first fifty minutes or so I really liked the film. The actors were awesome, although the plot was a bit shaky. And then they have found Doom and fight ensued. And suddenly the credits start rolling. I didn’t even understand what happened. Is that it? The end?
Can you imagine The Avengers without a plot point where Loki escapes the helicarrier? Right, you can’t because then the movie would be a piece of crap. That is what the Fantastic Four is. It’s like a plot with the beginning and the end, but without the middle.
I can’t understand why Fox is so nasty to the first Marvel family. They did exactly the same mistake three times – in 2005, 2007 and finally in 2015. They have wasted a talented cast on a crappy, not worked through movie plot. And the blame is fully on 20th Century Fox. I only hope that they will somewhen release director’s cut.
Overall, I’m really disappointed. I’d give this movie 3/10, just for the first half of the movie. If it happens that the sequel will come out in 2017, I really hope that Fox will hire Trank again and let him finish his work.

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