Spy (2015)

I felt pretty strange while watching this movie. There were times when I just wanted to turn off that movie, but there were times when I couldn’t turn away from the screen. The problem is that the humor in this movie goes from very smart to very stupid. Those latter moments were, sure, a minority, but that still goes for a minus.

I really liked Jason Statham’s role. Finally, he’s not an all mighty killer, but a failing agent with inflated ego, a character, whom Statham played hilariously. Actually, his moments, in my opinion, were the funniest.

Now, Melissa McCarthy. She’s as good here, as in all other movies. Her charming sense of humor and acting performance gave the movie half of its success, the other half being everything else. But I can’t quite agree with Mr. Matthew Jacobs from Huffington Post. He wrote: “Sticking a positive, feminist message on the end barely distracts from two hours of disparagement about Susan’s physique.” I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s taken for the role not only for her acting abilities, but also for her physical appearance. And this is absolutely normal. Let’s face the truth – fat people are funny. And that is why there are so many jokes about her weight in the movie. Let’s recall Kevin’s “Here comes the Boom!”. There were also plenty of jokes about his weight, but no one complained about them.

That is what is so unique about McCarthy – and I don’t mean to belittle her acting abilities – her weight. That is her trade mark, shall we say that. That is what makes her different from every one else.

I give this movie 8/10.

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