Transporter: The Series. Season 1 (2014)

Well, that was not something I expected. It was much better. Although I had problems with the correct order of series due to them being different in England, France and Canada.

Chris Vance does an adequate job taking the role on from Jason Statham. I didn’t really expect this to be so good. Same for Andrea Osvart, Charly Hubner, and Francois Berleand, the only actor coming down from the big screen.

What is so great about this series is that it expands Transporter’s life and the underground world he lives in. There are other Transporters, he has an office partner, he has friends in CIA and MI6. And that kind of reminds me of James Bond film series. May be Transporter will even grow to that level – when the new movie needs a careful consideration of the lead actor, his car, his girlfriend, his allies and enemies.

And another cool thing about the Transporter is that he doesn’t stay in one country – he travels throughout Europe, visits United States, and even North Africa!

Watching season 2 of this wonderful show and looking forward to see a new movie with Ed Skrein in the following weeks.

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