Movie Reviews: October 2015

  1. Maze Runner (2014). This is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever watched, and I would even place it number three in my top list, the first two being Avatar and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials respectively. One thing I’d like to note is that I’m really a fan of Will Poulter and I think his performance in here was pretty good, although it’s a pity he played a jerk, and apparently he didn’t come back for the sequel. 7/10.
  2. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015). This movie, as I have already wrote, is my number 2 favorite sci-fi movie. What I liked about it is that it really shows us the world outside the Maze, and how those kids interact with it. Can’t wait to see the next in the series. And really hope something bad is gonna happen to that b*tch Teresa. 8/10.
  3. Divergent (2014). This is a film adaptation of a book that I actually read, and my verdict is – it sucks. When I finished watching a movie, I had a feeling that half of the book was just simply cut out. I understand that most people do say that films are always worse than books. But look at the Harry Potter – was it bad? Look at The Hunger Games – is that bad? And the lead actress – she’s just horrible. 5/10.
  4. Insurgent (2015). Pretty much the same, as for Divergent. And she cut her hair – my god, you kidding me? 5/10.
  5. Legend (2015). Amazing. I think this is the best acting performance by Tom Hardy to this date. I agree, the plot may have took a wrong turn at the end, but you’ve got to admit – Tom Hardy is awesome! 9/10.
  6. Grown-ups (2010). One of the best comedies I have ever seen. 8/10.
  7. Grown-ups 2 (2013). I can’t say that this movie wasn’t funny, it was and a lot! But the plot – that’s trash! Since the beginning of the movie I was trying to find that common plot line and I couldn’t. It was just a few old school fellows hanging out together and getting into different situations. So the screenplay sucked. 6/10.
  8. Pompeii (2014). Very good movie about ancient Rome. I would advice every one to watch it. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie is that, even though I really like Kit Harington, this role was too Jon-Snowish, if you know what I mean. He is a fighter again, fighting very good, but I’d really like to see him in some completely different role. 8/10.
  9. Troy (2004) – 9/10. Last time I watched this movie was about eight years ago. It was very exciting to go over it again, and here’s what I saw in there: it showed me how much filth can people bring. Remember that last scene? Greeks killing sleepy Trojans, smashing kids’ head, raping women, crashing the statues, burning the houses. And at the same time there are so many great moments – love of Paris and Helen, Achilles and Briseis. And this led me to a thought: there is no great good without great evil. And vice versa. Because if they were separate, we wouldn’t be able to compare them. And then there are elders in schools and churches teaching us to do “good things”. But is it really worth it?

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