Spectre (2015)

As just a movie, it is a masterpiece. As part of James Bond’s series, it kind of sucks. First of all, I’d like to say a word about the movie’s music. The theme song sounds too much like Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”, no wonder it was written in less than one hour period. And choosing Sam Smith to sing it – c’mon, I didn’t even realize it was a man until I read it in Wikipedia. As for the rest of the music, there were lots from previous three movies with Daniel Craig.

Second, the characters. It was probably a mistake to put Monica Bellucci here. She hardly received 5 minutes out of the 2.5 hour movie. Dave Bautista’s “Mr. Hinx” was not as interesting and important as was announced during the production. I remember reading one of Bautista’s interviews earlier this year where he said that he agreed for the role only because he asked Mendes if Hinx is intelligent, and the answer was “Yes”. I didn’t feel like Mr. Hinx was intelligent in any way. His dialogue consisted of one single word. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Andrew Scott’s and Christoph Waltz’s plays. But, in my opinion, they didn’t get enough screen time, especially Waltz.

The whole plot of the movie seemed like a big conclusion for Craig’s quadrology. It was as if the scipt writers knew from the very beginning that Craig wouldn’t want to play Bond any more, and they’re going to need to search for a new actor.

What was really great is that the movie tries to get back to the James Bond canons, while also bringing something new. But still, taking into account all the minuses – music, casting, not enough time for villains, not enough time for Bond’s relations with characters from previous movies – I give this movie 6/10. At least they left a villain alive, first time since 2006!

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