Why “Legends of Tomorrow” is important for Arrowverse

Today is exactly one month before the new CW TV show “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” premieres. So I just wanted to have a quick glance at it and understand how different it is from “Arrow” and “The Flash”, and why now is the best time for it to start. Beware, there are spoilers ahead.

First of all, we can see the difference between the shows in the titles themselves. “Arrow” is focused only on Green Arrow, nobody else. “The Flash” is centered on one only speedster, no matter how many more metahumans enter the scene. “Legends of Tomorrow” can focus on any of its nine heroes. Right from the beginning there is much more to explore, than in two previous shows. I don’t know if it will follow the “LOST” style of story-telling, which has a pretty good chance, or some other way, but I’m sure the show is going to be exciting nevertheless.

Second, none of characters, except for Rip Hunter, need an introduction. Heat Wave, Captain Cold, both parts of Firestorm, and Hawkgirl were introduced in “The Flash”. White Canary and ATOM came from “Arrow”. Hawkman, and Vandal Savage (the villain of the show), had already been introduced in the last two Flash-Arrow crossovers.

Third, not introducing new characters, but taking them from other shows was a good step because, and that’s why “Legends of Tomorrow” is important, “The Flash” and “Arrow” were already pumped up with hero characters. Cast of “Arrow” now is reduced dramatically – ATOM and White Canary now gone, and Felicity killed in the 9th episode – all of that sets up an interesting path for the rest of the season. Same for “The Flash”, although I’m glad no one got killed there.

And finally, since the plot of “Legends of Tomorrow” will likely be set up in the future, we may see some interesting references to Green Arrow or Flash, or perhaps even Green Lantern – they’ve been heavily referring to Coast City in both previous shows. Also, they could even reconsider bringing Constantine back, and although CW did not renew “Constantine” show for another season, his return in Arrow in 4th episode was received with enthusiasm, so who knows?

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