Leonardo DiCaprio and Lenin

Yesterday something happened that every single person, who once watched DiCaprio in action, has waited for a very long time. Leonardo won the Best Actor Award. Congratulations on Mr. DiCaprio!

Some time ago I have read an article that states DiCaprio’s concern for playing Lenin at some point, although there are currently no projects going on or being planned in Hollywood. So I’ve decided to give a few advices before those projects start to come up.

First of all, they have to hire some Russian for the pre-production stage, would it be a screenwriter or a director. This is not something new to Hollywood, the latest example being Russian director of Kazakh dissent, Timur Bekmambetov, who worked on 2008 film “Wanted”, starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie. Some one who speaks Russian language and who lived in a society, which is a child of society created by Lenin, would be able to instinctively adapt a truthful story of Lenin, whatever the stage of the latter’s life.

Second, they have to hire some Russian actors or people with GOOD Russian for voice-overs, if they ever decide to use the russian language in the film. I have to say that what is done in Hollywood to portray Russia or Belarus or Russian emigrants in America is an embarrassment. Good examples are the “Arrow” TV-show, “Legends of Tomorrow”, an episode from the second season of The Transporter (although it’s British); Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Iron Man 2, Bourne Supremacy and many more. If the actors can’t speak proper language – do a voice-over. Common, you’re pumping so much money in those movies and fail in such details!

Also, I found another article on http://www.independent.co.uk, quoting Communists from St. Petersburg’s cell, who say that there will be protests if any one allows DiCaprio to play Lenin. I am hundred per cent sure that there are a thousand, if not ten thousand, times as many people who love Leonardo than those who love Communists. Remember Olga Kurylenko who played the second Bond girl? Malinkovich (one of the heads of the party) had promised the protests, but it appeared that Russian people would better watch her in a Hollywood movie than boycott it.

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