Bad Samaritan (2018)

It is infinitely difficult to judge films about psychotic serial killers with a simplistic plot after having watched three seasons of Hannibal, but I’ll still try.

The high points of the movie would be, of course, David Tennant’s acting, which is though overshadowed by the general character underdevelopment. Some would argue that it is easier to create a dynamic character on a TV show (Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, Hannibal in Hannibal), but I’d like to remind those people that Anthony Hopkins got an Oscar for less-than-20-minute-role in Silence of the Lambs, and was one of the biggest reasons for a sequel.

Bad Samaritan is filled with a number of classic shocker moments which were set, I must admit, very good. But the fact is that half of the movie’s filled with useless dialogue which kills the mood.

Another high-point for Bad Samaritan is the score written by the great Joseph LoDuca. It’s scary, it’s eery, it thematically fits.

Writer and director, Brandon Boyce and Dean Devlin, are the prime people to blame for the failure. Bad Samaritan could have become another Hannibal, but instead was another happy-end thriller filled with out-of-place moments of fun.

6/10 – but only because of David Tennant.

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