Rampage (2018)

It’s a good action film that had good chances of becoming a great one, but to a number of reasons didn’t.

First of all – Dwayne Johnson, the lead actor. When you go to a movie with Johnson, you expect to see the Rock side of him – at least for a few minutes of a fight scene. The only “rocky” thing he does in this movie is gently knocking out two soldiers, asking them to leave before that. If you put another actor in Johnson’s place, you wouldn’t tell the difference.

Joe Manganiello’s character was totally wasted. When you see a muscley hero in an action movie (hello, Rock!), you expect to have a muscley villain fighting him, and when Joe first appeared, it seemed it just that. But half an hour later he’s already dead!

The biggest problem of this movie, however, was the ending. Love of happy-ends and a desire to make a few more films, to create a franchise – they have destroyed the story. Chicago was brought down by three monsters and was on the brink of nuclear blast. The director made us believe there was a sacrifice for this victory – George dying of wounds. But guess what – he was genetically modified to regenerate own cells, so he just played dead to make fun of Rock and show him a middle finger!

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