Empedocles of Acragas

Empedocles was not only philosopher, but also medic and physiologist, which had a big impact on his philosophical system. By the end of his life he had established a Sicilian school of medicine, which greatly influenced Plato and Aristotle. There is not as much originality in Empedocles as in other philosophers of his time. He … More Empedocles of Acragas

Heraclitus. The Riddler

Heraclitus has only written one book, which is, like Anaximander’s, called “On Nature”. His work was divided into three discourses – first on universe, second on politics, and third on theology. His book was filled with wordplays, paradoxes and puzzles, so that expressions “would have meaning beyond the obvious”. For this Heraclitus had been nicknamed … More Heraclitus. The Riddler

Anaximenes. The Last of Milesian School

The last of the Milesian school was Anaximenes. He, as Thales and Anaximander before him, tried to identify the single substance out of which everything is made. While Thales and Anaximander thought it was water and apeiron (indefinite) accordingly, Anaximenes opted for air, pointing out that just as air gives life to the human body, … More Anaximenes. The Last of Milesian School


Thales was the first of three philosophers of the Milesian School. The second one was¬†Anaximander. ¬†He is much more interesting than Thales. A lot of achievements are ascribed to him, namely the publishing of the first map of the world, the creation of the first mechanistic model of the world, and other considerable accomplishments about … More Anaximander